Baby Gruel

August 11th, 2008

We’re back from our trip, and I’ll post photos of that tomorrow. Meanwhile, a quick Violet update: She’s grown a LOT in two weeks, and today had her first real mouthful of baby cereal, which isn’t cereal at all but more of a gruel. We’d tried this before, but she wasn’t into it, and neither were we. Now it’s more needed, since she’s needing more and more to eat, while I have the same supply available. She wasn’t too into her gruel, but we will keep trying. Meanwhile, there is always the spoon to play with.

In other news, she is going to crawl any minute. She is getting up on her hands and feet and just staying there for a few seconds. She also scoots pretty efficiently on her back using her head and feet. I’ll keep you posted.