A Wonderful Mother’s Day Gift

May 23rd, 2010

My mom flew out for a visit the other week, and we had the bestest time. We visited Leo Carillo and Malibu Lagoon, shopped, and just basked in the fearlessness and fun of Vibble. Stevel and I took an overnight to Big Bear, just the two of us, which was a nice, lazy, relaxing getaway. Check out photos here!


May 23rd, 2010

If your answer is no, learn vicariously. Stevel spent some 25-plus hours over the last two weeks retrieving data from my fouled-up hard drive, and then delicately performing a hard-drive transplant on my iMac, and then getting everything restored for me. If you’re not married to Steve, you should find some other way to make sure your photos and documents and videos are safe. (Even if you ARE married to Steve, you have now found some other way, because he didn’t deserve to spend all that time making sure, as he put it, “Yes, you deserve to learn that lesson. But losing the photos of the first two years of your kid’s life is just too hard a way to learn it.”) I’m now using Mozy. Stevel uses Time Capsule.

Weekends and Weak Ends

May 8th, 2010

This weekend saw a visit from Cindy and Bridget. What fun—hooray! We shopped, poppied, beach-hopped, and ate-stickers-all-the-time-dude. We enjoyed a visit from Cindy’s fun cousin, this rad guy. It was wonderful to hang out with these girls. I posted some photos—poppy day shots by Jeremedia: Here’s your link to the PHOTO AWESOMENESS.

And now I need to go do my glute exercises. My glutes are bozos.